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GENESIS is the first mixed (obstetrics – gynecology – surgery) private Women’s Hospital in Thessaloniki
In 3,6 hectares in Elaiones, Pylea and with a view to the entire Thessaloniki, we have created a model, high technology and humane Hospital, which stretches over 18,000 square meters and has 116 beds for general and specialized hospitalization.
Our Vision
Contribution to Women’s Health through prevention, diagnosis and high-quality treatment regardless of their age.
GENESIS Hospital IFV Centre
The all new GENESIS Hospital IFV Centre
The continuing education of our staff and the state-ofthe-art equipment rank us among the most innovative Hospitals of our sector.
GENESIS is renowned for the high level of medical services and nursing care it provides
Our rooms, regardless of the number of beds they have, are all equipped with bath, modern medical technological equipment and beds corresponding to the patients’ hospitalization needs.
Nowadays the plastic and cosmetic surgery is more affordable
The new techniques and knowledge gained for minimizing recovery time reduce health care costs and rapid return to everyday life.
The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a specially equipped unit that provides highly skilled life-saving interventions to critically ill newborns
The observation and care of the neonates is performed thoroughly by specialized and experienced neonatologists, as well by qualified nurses.
GENESIS Hospital is proud to present the Fetal – Maternal Medicine and Prenatal Screening Department
A service aiming to monitor your pregnancy and provide preventive care for the birth of a healthy infant.
In the GENESIS Breast Center, our aim is to prevent and treat breast cancer
With immediate cooperation and natural coexistence of all necessary involved medical specialties, and with woman being in the utmost center of attention.

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Phone Numbersxrisimes phone

Main Reception Desk: +30 2310 984.000

International Patient Department: +30 2310 984.025 (Mon–Fri 08.30-16.30 or Main Reception Desk 24/7)

Admission Office: +30 2310 984.030/038

Outpatient Department: +30 2310 984.010

Prenatal & Diagnostic Department: +30 2310 984.090

Visiting Hoursxrisimes ores

Morning 10:30-13:30

Afternoon 17:30-21:30

Children Playroomxrisimes paidia

Morning 10:00-14:00

Afternoon 17:00-21:30

Parkingxrisimes parking

220 Parking Lots

Public Transportationxrisimes leoforeio

14A Ano Toumba via Genesis

Permanent Stand TAXIxrisimes taxi


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17th Noemvri Str, Pylaia
Thessaloniki (Map)
Tel: +30  2310.984000
Fax: +30 2310.984460

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