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Breast Center

In GENESIS, a Women’s Hospital, we desire to be the experts in dealing with any issues related to the female breast. So we have created a model Breast Center, in order to provide the most modern and integrate medical services to protect the health of the female gender’s symbol, the breast.

In the GENESIS Breast Center, our aim is to prevent and treat breast cancer, with immediate cooperation and natural coexistence of all necessary involved medical specialties, and with woman being in the utmost center of attention.

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The services offered by GENESIS Breast Center:

  • Counseling outpatient office
  • Digital mammography (processing – magnification)
  • Breast ultrasound scan
  • Needle stereotactic breast biopsy
  • FNA aspiration (Fine needle aspiration) with ultrasound monitoring
  • Surgery biopsy
  • Customized preventive examination program, with reminder procedure
  • Pre-surgical identification of non-tactile damages, by placing a metal marker
  • Plastic breast restoration surgery

More useful information about the center as well as self-examination guidelines and details about the significance of mammography can be found in the attached brochure file.

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