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Endoscopic Surgery

endoskop newGENESIS knows that the future of surgery in gynecology is the Endoscopic Surgery and thus is creating the necessary infrastructure to support it. Endoscopy in gynecology has given new prospects in diagnosis and treatment of gynecological conditions. In addition, it offers the significant advantage of short hospitalization and quick return to daily living after the operation. In the Endoscopic Gynecology department, all procedures are performed, either diagnostic or operative laparoscopies and hysteroscopies. The Hospital has a modern laparoscopic and hysteroscopic theater (OR1), with medical and nursing personnel of high specialization.

Laparoscopy: It is known as the ‘keyhole’ surgery. Gynecologists use a small camera which is introduced in the abdomen, to examine the patients’ ovaries, tubes and uterus. It is often an elective surgery to treat endometriosis or ectopic pregnancy, to remove leiomyomas / adenomyomas in the uterus and cysts in ovaries, or as diagnostic procedure in infertility. Laparoscopy is a routine surgery, it is safe and you doctor can inform you about its advantages and its possible complications. Ask your gynecologist for the laparoscopy’s indications and contraindications, as well as for the possible risks related to your medical history.

Hysteroscopy: Another commonly performed gynecological endoscopic operation with a wide array of indications. In hysteroscopy, a camera is introduced via the woman’s vagina, to the intrauterine cavity, in order to simply examine the uterus cavity or perform a biopsy or other operative actions, such as removal of diaphragm, removal of intrauterine polyps or fibromyomas. It is often performed while investigating problems of primary or secondary female low fertility. For more information regarding the hysteroscopy indications and possible complications, please consult your gynecologist.


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