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Fetal Medicine


GENESIS Hospital is proud to present the Fetal – Maternal Medicine and Prenatal Screening Department, a service aiming to monitor your pregnancy and provide preventive care for the birth of a healthy infant. We have created a Model Center, with the most modern medical equipment in machinery and software, entrusted in the hands of specialized Doctors, who perform all modern and most accurate diagnostic tests to check the development of the fetus, from conception to child birth.

Our high quality devices are secured by staffing the department with specialized Gynecologists in ultrasounds, accredited by the international organization FMF. In addition, the department has:

Ultrasound devices with high definition and four-dimensional 4D color display:

  • GE Olson E8 with VCDA: Leading in Displaying Fetal Heart
  • GE Voluson 730 Expert
  • Special software of statistic monitoring ASTRAIA
  • Biochemical Analyzer KRYPTOR
  • Independent secretariat, waiting area and examination rooms
  • Flexible working hours


Non - Invasive Prenatal"Testing"

GENESIS offers a new non- invasive prenatal aneuploidy screening test"(Non - Invasive Prenatal"Testing","Natera Panorama) for detection of fetal Trisomy 21 (Down"syndrome), Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome), Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome) and Monosomy X (Turner syndrome), which simply requires maternal blood sampling since 9 weeks of gestation.

Please find more details concerning screening tests from the Fetal Medicine department on the attached brochure (below).

FMF: The Doctors staffing the department have received suitable training and accreditation for their ability to perform ultrasound tests by the Fetal Medicine Foundation of Great Britain. Their high level of expertise is secured with obligatory education and lifelong assessment, in order to retain the ultrasound license provided by the FMF.

ASTRAIA: The statistics program design was made by acknowledged scientists in Fetal Diagnostics and its purpose is to provide a standardized terminology and valid statistic evaluation, using the most modern scientific researches and statistics of reliable clinic studies. Its upgrade is performed under the guidance and control of a council, represented by scientists from all over the world.

KRYPTOR: It is a biochemical analyzer, using the TRACE (Time Resolved Amplified Cryptate Emission) technology, which is based on the Nobel winning research of French chemist Jean-Marie Lehn’s. The above method is automatic and secures the exact determination of the concentration analyzed. It provides safe and high credibility results to measure the PAPP-A protein and free β-hCG in the 1st pregnancy semester.

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