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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

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The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a specially equipped unit that provides highly skilled life-saving interventions to critically ill newborns suffering from prematurity, respiratory distress and other congenital or perinatal diseases.

The state-of-the-art equipment meets all international standards and it includes the following:

Incubators, Radiant warmers, Ventilators, C-PAP (continuous positive airway pressure), Vital sign monitors, Pulse oximeters which use a light sensor in order to determine the percentage of oxygen in blood, Infusion pumps for IV administration of fluids, Phototherapy lights for the treatment of icterus, a machine which analyzes the arterial blood gas.

In addition there are: Neo-puff for the resuscitation of premature neonates, a portable X-ray machine and a portable incubator with an attached ventilator which is used when a sick or premature neonate requires transport from Genesis clinic to another hospital. The NICU equipment is modern and meets to the international standards.

The NICU includes 3 levels of care:

  1. Simple care (NICU I)
  2. Intermediate care (NICU II)
  3. Intensive care (NICU III)

GENESIS Hospital supports breastfeeding so there is a breast pump room where mothers can extract the milk for their babies.

In our Unit two neonatologists are on duty daily. The observation and care of the neonates is performed thoroughly by specialized and experienced neonatologists, as well by qualified nurses.

The parents can visit their neonates and be informed as far as the progress of their disease is concerned multiple times per day.




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