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Newborn Screening

GENESIS informs the future parents about the innovative program of prevention tests performed on all newborns, in our Hospital. Prevention tests have been initiated from the first years of our operation, with the clinical examination of hearing, seeing and infant hips. Then we added the screening blood tests for over 40 metabolic diseases, among which the Fibrocystic Disease.

The aim of the above screening tests is to diagnose in time any congenital (from birth) abnormalities, which usually do not present any symptoms in infant age but can cause serious problems in the future. Early diagnosis provides the opportunity for immediate treatment and initiation of the therapeutic regime, contributing in limiting any possible risky complications. Congenital abnormalities, detected be these screening tests programs, are present in very low percentages, but not negligible for the level of medical services GENESIS seeks to provide.

Please read the attached document for more information about the infant screening tests, which are performed by our specialized medical personnel and laboratories, under the scientific supervision of the Hospital’s Infant Department and according to the international scientific developments.

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