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ANNOUNCEMENT: Implementation of measures against the spread of the Covid-19 at GENESIS Hospital


Given the increase of coronavirus cases in Greece and the need to preserve the safety of patients, collaborating doctors and hospital personnel, the following measures are effective as of Monday, 3 August 2020:

- Suspension of morning visiting hours for all types of hospitalizations (inpatients).

- Afternoon visiting hours (17:00-19: 00) are applicable only for a single escort per hospitalized patient, who has to be named upon admission.

- For this escort, PCR screening is mandatory, which can be performed at a certified laboratory or at GENESIS Hospital.

- The escort is permitted to also enter the Hospital (except outside afternoon visiting hours) solely for admission procedures, discharge procedures and processing procedures, but will NOT be allowed to visit the nursing floors.

- An exception to this is hospitalizations in single rooms, where the escort is permitted access (given the aforementioned condition of PCR screening).

- For other surgical procedures (excluding childbirth), visitation is prohibited.

- For emergencies, PCR screening is necessary, which can be performed in the Hospital. Patients must follow staff instructions for everybody’s safety.


Patients from abroad

For the care and treatment of patients from abroad, PCR testing is required within 48-72 hours of their arrival to Greece. It is recommended that patients requiring tests or minor surgery who have recently arrived from abroad arrive 48 to 72 hours following their arrival in the country, if no urgent need exists.

Personal Protection Measures

Given the spread of Covid-19 in the community, all prescribed personal protective measures must be implemented (appropriate wearing of masks at all times, frequent hand disinfection and antisepsis, social distancing, restriction of movement within the Hospital, avoidance of overcrowding).



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