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Obstetrics Department

d15GENESIS, the largest private maternity hospital in north Greece,, aims to remain in the top and to innovative in one of the greatest joys of your life, the birth of your child. We have created a maternity hospital that embraces and takes care of the mother, from conception to pregnancy and birth as well as your infant, from the first hours and days of his / her life.

We support our vision with actions and have developed all departments to support maternity. In GENESIS we have an In Vitro Fertilization Unit (IVF), a Prenatal Screening and Fetal Medicine (FM) Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We also give you consultation with workshops on child birth, nursing and infant care. Finally, you give birth in your own private delivery room from the moment you are admitted.

GENESIS has created the facilities and services, for the Medical and Nursing personnel, in order to embrace you and your newborn baby, with absolute safety and unique care from the very first moment.

We support breastfeeding!

In GENESIS we know that the benefits of breastfeeding are enormous. Thus, we have taken steps to ensure that all types of rooms offer the rooming-in service (notification of the staff is required). Moreover, for the facilitation of mothers who opt for exclusive breastfeeding there is a specially arranged breastfeeding area on the hospitalization floors.
We fully understand the concerns and stress of new mothers. This is why we provide consultation through special seminars -both pre- and antenatal- on breastfeeding, neonatal care as well as on issues related to nutrition during pregnancy and the subsequent periods of puerperium and breastfeeding.

ΑTTENTION! According to the instructions of the National Public Health Agency (NPHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), and concerned primarily about the protection and safety of our patients, it has been decided to modify certain procedures until further notice. In this context, visitations and tours to the Hospital and the Obstetrics Department have been suspended until further notice (information via telephone and email continue normally).

d31Guide for Obstetrics Department:

In order to be better prepared and to make your stay more enjoyable, we would like your attention to the following points:

Where to go

Delivery rooms are located in level -1 of the building. Obstetrics Department has a separate entrance in level -1 with separate parking lots. You can always enter from the main entrance of the Clinic. In each case a midwife will welcome you and lead you to the Obstetrics Department.

Who can accompany me

In the Obstetrics Department can accompany you a single companion / husband (or another person of your choice). The visitor is required to wear the proper clothing and to comply with the regulations of the Department and the recommendations of the physician.

What should I bring with me

You may want to pack a bag for the maternity clinic with items you will need during labor and after you give birth. We recommend having everything ready to go when you are eight months pregnant, since you could go into labor at any time in the weeks before your due date.

Here is a recommended list of required items:

Underwear (preferable disposable)
Bras and nursing pads
Clothing for departure
Personal items (e.g. toothbrush, shower gel etc.)
Cell phone charger and, perhaps, a list of people to call before or/and after the childbirth
For your partner, a camera or a video camera with a charger
Finally, on departure you will need an infant bodysuit and a transport crib for your baby.

Declaration of Birthd44

The declaration of birth is required in order to register the birth at the Registry Office of the Municipality of Pylea. The declaration of birth is completed in Reception Desk in Level-1, and requires the presence of either of the parents.

For more information concerning the declaration, please refer to the Main Reception Desk or call +30 2310 984.000.

Useful information

Registry Municipality of Pylea

1st Floor, City Hall Pylea / 1, Constantine Paleologos str.

Tel: +30 2313 302600, Direct: +30 2313 302626

Office Hours from 8:00 to 13:00

My baby's first photosd14

In GENESIS you can have the first photos of your baby. The photos will be shown to you by the photographer of the Hospital (purchase is optional). In case you don't want your baby to be photographed, please inform upon your arrival the nursing staff.

When is the time to leave

Your doctor will tell you when you can leave the clinic. Usually, hospitalization for a natural childbirth is three (3) days and for a caesarean section is four (4) days.

Seminars for you (in Greek)

During your pregnancy, you can participate in a seminar addressed to future mothers, in which valuable advice for childbirth and motherhood is offered. In the same seminar, dietary and nutrition guidelines are given, concerning the period of your pregnancy. Instructions concerning nutrition are also given for the period immediately after the childbirth, as well as the ideal weight loss.

Moreover, during your stay in the clinic, you can attend every Monday - Wednesday - Friday 12:30 to 13:30. In the seminar, specialized staff will advise you on issues concerning breastfeeding and care of your baby.
For more information please contact 2310 984.000 or the Main Reception Desk.

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