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Quality Management

GENESIS Hospital has been certified according to Temos "Quality in International Patient Care"

Since April 2016, GENESIS Hospital is the new member of Temos network of certified healthcare units in Greece, according to the Temos Certification Program, "Quality in International Patient Care". The aim of this certification program is to validate and optimize the hospital's medical and non-clinical services for international patients within the hospital and for the post-treatment and discharge procedures.

In the frame of an onsite audit in the healthcare unit, the Temos International audit team, assessed the hospital that provides integrated health services for maternity and obstetrics as well as for a wide range of medical specialties as a general hospital with excellent quality at all levels of services. Furthermore, the auditors witnessed a modern medical – technological environment, and building premises, staffed with experienced medical and nursing personnel.

Moreover, GENESIS has already established cooperation for international patients' treatments with more than 12 Insurance Companies, internationally.


Temos Certification

Diplomatic Council (DC) Preferred Partner Hospital

On June 2016, the quality seal of "Diplomatic Council (DC) – Preferred Partner Hospital" was awarded to GENESIS HOSPITAL after the successful passing of the Temos International quality program. This is a worldwide superior DC quality certificate for medical facilities that offer treatment for international patients within the scope of medical tourism, tourism medicine, and medical services for business travelers and expatriates.

Apart from the DC Quality Certificate, GENESIS HOSPITAL is also listed in the Diplomatic Council "DC – Preferred Partner Hospitals" Directory, and is officially recommended to all partner embassies and consulates by the Diplomatic Council worldwide.

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Since July 2017, GENESIS is certified in accordance with the International Standard EN 15224:2017, which is designed specifically for the health care sector. The standard focuses on the health services delivery and risk management. These two important components indicate the degree of the quality of care provided to the patient. Advantages of this standard: improving patient safety, accessibility, effectiveness, efficiency of services, adequate and proper care of the patient, as well as improving safety culture and continuous improvement of service quality.

           EN 15224:2017


On March 2017, GENESIS has received a Certification concerning the collection of umbilical cord and placental blood transplants in cooperation with the Haematology Department of PAPANIKOLAOU Hospital, Thessaloniki - Greece


GENESIS is certified as a whole in accordance with the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015 by the official certification body TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

Scope: Provision of Primary and Secondary Health Care Services in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology, General Surgery, Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery.

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  Certification ISO 9001:2015

Moreover, the clinical Biochemical laboratory has been accredited in accordance with the standard ISO 15189:2012 by ESYD. The official scope of the Accreditation’s Certificate concerns to the determination of the values of: 1) the free beta-chorionic gonadotropin (f-b-hCG) and 2) pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) in blood serum, which in combination with NT from the first trimester ultrasound contribute in the estimation of the risk for chromosomal abnormalities in the first trimester of pregnancy.


On March 2017, GENESIS has received a Certification concerning the collection of umbilical cord and placental blood transplants in cooperation with the Haematology Department of PAPANIKOLAOU Hospital, Thessaloniki - Greece


GENESIS Quality Policy:

Our vision is to maintain our leading position and to achieve “zero error” performance.d28
Knowing in advance that the quality of our services is judged by the mothers and our patients, we seek to fully satisfy their needs and to exceed their expectations.
We evaluate "Quality" relying on objective and measurable criteria and strive to continually improve our services.
Critical success factors for achieving our quality objectives are:
• Proper and effective structure and organization,
• Continuous training of personnel in order to achieve excellent technical abilities and skills,
• Proper and efficient assignment of tasks,
• The use of modern medical equipment, infrastructure and state of the art technology,
• Effective financial management,
• Full compliance with the Clinic’s procedures and policies by the staff and understanding and support of the Quality Management System,
• Awareness of the interaction between job descriptions of the employees, as well as continuous improvement of internal communication and cooperation.
Both Management and employees are committed to the above quality objectives and have in mind that serving our customers, is like serving our own people.





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 According to national guidelines against COVID-19 and concerned primarily about the protection and safety of the people who trust our services, there have been some modifications in certain hospital’s procedures (eg. visiting hours have been suspended etc.).

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